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Like many other vehicle components brakes will deteriorate over time. This can happen gradually and many drivers do not even notice the difference.

We offer a free brake inspection and provide measurements to ensure the correct replacement of components. This consists of a thorough examination of the braking system and the condition of components. If any of your vehicle’s braking system requires attention we can give you a clear breakdown/report of what is needed.

Brake Repairs Oxfordshire

Don’t risk it 

Your safety on the road is our priority, worn brake discs and pads can put not just yourself in danger but other road users too, your brakes need regular checks / fluid changes to ensure they are working correctly. Our team of mechanics has over 20 years of experience in looking after brakes on cars, and light commercials, and if you need to buy brake discs for your car, we supply only high-quality parts for your vehicle and use only the most modern equipment for checking your car safety and brakes.

Signs of brake wear 

  • Car pulling to one side under braking 
  • The brake warning light is illuminated 
  • Parking brake excessively high
  • The brake pedal feels spongy 
  • Grinding / squealing noise when applying the brakes


1. How often should I have my brakes inspected?

It’s recommended to have your brakes inspected at least once a year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Regular inspections can help identify wear and tear before it becomes a serious issue.

2. What are the signs that my brakes need attention?

Common signs of brake wear include the car pulling to one side under braking, the brake warning light is illuminated, an excessively high parking brake, a spongy brake pedal, and grinding or squealing noises when applying the brakes.

3. What does a free brake inspection include?

Our free brake inspection includes a thorough examination of the entire braking system and the condition of its components. We provide detailed measurements and a clear report of what, if any, parts need to be replaced to ensure your vehicle’s braking system is functioning correctly.

4. Why is regular brake maintenance important?

Regular brake maintenance is crucial for your safety on the road. Worn brake discs and pads can significantly reduce braking efficiency, putting you and other road users at risk. Regular checks and fluid changes ensure that your brakes are working properly and help prevent accidents.

5. What kind of parts and equipment do you use for brake services?

We use only high-quality parts for your vehicle’s brakes and employ the most modern equipment for checking car safety and brakes. Our team of mechanics has over 20 years of experience in maintaining brakes on cars and light commercial vehicles, ensuring you receive the best service possible.


Discovered m&b vehicle services recently and it’s the best garage I’ve been to. Great in-depth, efficient service and useful for other services. Quick timing, well-equipped and clean environment. Useful that you can get a courtesy car too. I will be taking all my cars to this garage in the future, highly recommend. Thank you!!
Myself and family members have been using M & B Vehicle Services for 3-4 years now. They are by far the best garage we have ever dealt with. Quick, reasonably priced and trustworthy. All the things a garage should be. 10/10 would recommend!