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Wheel Alignment

Utilising the very latest technology and industry-leading expertise for laser alignment

We offer you the very finest service for wheel alignment and geometry. With years of experience in set-ups, your car is ensured the very best possible attention, to aid better performance, drive quality, and tyre longevity.

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes the JohnBean Laser Image Wheel Aligner. This stunning piece of machinery gives the team a precise indication of the state of the wheel alignment and allows them to make the most precise changes to the geometry of your car.

The geometry of today’s modern vehicles is much more complex, with over 14 primary angles that can be measured and, in most cases, open to adjustment and modification.

The equipment we use is calibrated every 6 months to make sure it’s always 100% accurate. We also use a brand new snap-on 4-post ramp with perfectly flat surface turn tables and 4-wheel slip plates; enabling the most precise measurements and adjustments possible. 

From a simple front toe check through to a 4-wheel alignment we can offer a range of adjustment services to suit you.

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Why Do I Need Wheel Alignment?

Have you ever noticed your tyres wearing more on one side than the other? Perhaps your car feels as if it pulls to one side? Or maybe your steering wheel isn’t straight?

These are all possible symptoms of misalignment and often lead to higher running costs as your tyres need replacing sooner or your fuel bills will be increased.

Misalignment can occur easily. Hitting a kerb, driving over those dreaded potholes, replacing a tyre yourself, or simple day-to-day wear and tear can all lead to your car suffering from misalignment.

By letting M & B Vehicle Services check your alignment regularly you can be confident that these negative effects are minimised and your car remains in the best possible condition

The Benefits of Wheel Alignment

By having your car properly aligned, you will benefit in several ways:

Improved Tyre Life – misalignment is a major cause of uneven or premature tyre wear. Correct alignment can significantly extend the life of your tyres

Improved Fuel Consumption – cars suffering from misalignment will have a higher fuel consumption as their wheels ‘drag’ along the road surface. Correctly setting the wheels straight reduces this resistance and gives you more miles per tank.

Greener Motoring – with improved fuel consumption and lower tyre wear, your impact on the environment will also improve your own personal Carbon Footprint, by emitting fewer CO2 emissions.

Save Money – by extending the life of your tyres and improving your fuel consumption, correct alignment will help lower your motoring costs

Better Handling – with the car’s geometry set as the vehicle manufacturer intended, wheel alignment can help correct many handling problems and deliver a more enjoyable driving experience.


1. Why is wheel alignment important for my vehicle?

Proper wheel alignment is crucial as it prevents uneven or premature tyre wear, improves fuel consumption by reducing wheel drag, enhances vehicle handling, and helps reduce your carbon footprint. It also saves you money on fuel and tyre replacement in the long run.

2. What symptoms indicate that my car might need a wheel alignment?

Common symptoms of misalignment include uneven tyre wear, the car pulling to one side, and a misaligned steering wheel. If you notice any of these issues, it’s a good idea to have your wheel alignment checked.

3. What advanced equipment does M & B Vehicle Services use for wheel alignment?

We use state-of-the-art equipment including the JohnBean Laser Image Wheel Aligner, a brand new snap-on 4-post ramp with flat surface turn tables, and 4-wheel slip plates. This ensures precise measurements and adjustments for your vehicle’s alignment.

4. How often should I get my wheel alignment checked?

It’s recommended to have your wheel alignment checked regularly, especially if you frequently drive over potholes, hit curbs, replace tyres, or notice any symptoms of misalignment. Regular checks help maintain optimal vehicle performance and tyre longevity.

5. What are the benefits of having my car’s wheels properly aligned by M & B Vehicle Services?

A proper wheel alignment offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Extended tyre life due to even wear
  • Improved fuel efficiency by reducing drag
  • Enhanced vehicle handling and driving experience
  • Reduced environmental impact through lower CO2 emissions
  • Overall cost savings from less frequent tyre replacements and better fuel economy.


Discovered m&b vehicle services recently and it’s the best garage I’ve been to. Great in-depth, efficient service and useful for other services. Quick timing, well-equipped and clean environment. Useful that you can get a courtesy car too. I will be taking all my cars to this garage in the future, highly recommend. Thank you!!
Myself and family members have been using M & B Vehicle Services for 3-4 years now. They are by far the best garage we have ever dealt with. Quick, reasonably priced and trustworthy. All the things a garage should be. 10/10 would recommend!